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Tea Trails pools
Tea Trails gardens
Wild Coast cocoon
Tea Trails pools
Cape Weligama area
Wild Coast cocoon
Cape Weligama pool

Hekaya Africa

Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar,...

Immerse yourself in a luxurious African story, guided by Hekaya’s expertise.

Hekaya is a boutique DMC that links the world with Eastern & Southern Africa. Dedicated to supporting sustainable conservation efforts in Africa, their team believes in travel that empowers local communities while giving their guests meaningful and unforgettable experiences.

Just as a story is a series of memories strung together, Hekaya is a tale of your stories of experiencing Africa through authentic travel experiences. With vast open spaces and remote natural wonders, Africa has a trove of authentic and awe-inspiring travel experiences waiting for those who know where to look.

Choose from an array of experiences off the beaten track without sacrificing luxury to connect with Africa’s people or places — whether by delving into the history of a region, mingling with the locals, or sampling local cuisines.



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